Lighting for Rental

Lighting for Rental

No Lights, No Party!

At Desert River, we have a wide catalogue of lighting options for rent to illuminate outdoor and indoor events. Whether it’s an elegant wedding, a vintage-themed party, or an important company conference, we provide lighting for rent for any occasion. We deliver our lights on time and help you with the setup so everything is prepared quickly and efficiently.

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      A Touch of Magic with Lanterns and Hanging Lights

      Our selection of lanterns and hanging lights for rent is designed to make your event stylish and unforgettable. Whether you’re planning a party on the beach or an elegant garden dinner, you definitely need to add a touch of magic with our lanterns and hanging lights. To create a warm ambiance, we suggest the Bambooze Lantern - available in three different models - which is made of bamboo and includes a candle to illuminate the venue with a cosy glow.


      Desert River’s catalogue also includes Festival Lights, which are perfect for giving an instant touch of magic to any venue. Or, to decorate your setting with a more natural appeal, we have the Saona Lamp, available in two sizes, ideal for illuminating a garden soirée.

      The Importance of a Lighting Point on Your Table

      Once you’ve chosen the dining setup for your event, whether indoors or outdoors, don’t forget to add lighting points to your tables. Lighting is crucial, and it often happens that while the venue has a chic and cosy illumination, guests can’t see what they’re eating!


      At Desert River, we offer a wide range of table lighting options. All versatile and glamorous, our table lights are waterproof, customisable and rechargeable and will give you the total freedom to create a multi-level lighting design.

      Floor Lights for a Chic Atmosphere

      Whether you’re planning a birthday party in an indoor venue, an outdoor corporate event, or a vintage-style wedding, we offer chic and versatile lighting options for every type of space and theme. We suggest models like the Cilindro Floor Lamp or the Ball Light Lamp - both available in 3 sizes - if you’re envisioning a minimalist ambiance.


      Or, if you’re looking for something unique and unforgettable, our catalogue includes the King of Love and Madame of Love Floor Lamps, both reinterpretations of the classical baroque style and part of the original Design of Love Collection, by Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti.

      Don’t Forget the Wow Factor!

      Every event needs a plus factor to be really impactful and unforgettable. Desert River’s rental catalogue includes a selection of statement pieces for hire precisely for this reason.


      From glamorous lounge chairs like the Queen of Love model available in different colours to the fabulous Nemo Chair from the Italian brand Driade, our great selection of design furniture for rent will make your event atmosphere unforgettable.

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      At Desert River, our team is here to assist you every step of the way. From creating the ideal lighting design for your party to delivering it on time and assisting you with the setup, we’ll ensure your event is a success! Contact us to arrange a visit to your event venue, or come to our showroom in Dubai to talk to us.