We use sustainable materials


We care for our green planet

Sustainability is at the core of our business and we strive to integrate best practices into everyday work. We believe that even the smallest of acts makes a difference in people's lives, communities and our planet.

Sustainable materials

We prioritize using sustainable materials in our furniture selection, considering recyclability, durability, and environmental certifications.

Sustainability Cycle
Quality over quantity

We use quality furniture with good materials and designs, from trusted suppliers that share our commitment to sustainability. Furniture that lasts.

Supporting sustainable cycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Paper is recycled, carton reused, and pallets and oil drums are re-engineered into cool loft-style furniture.

No single-use plastic

We want to banish the plastic on all our rental collections and are switching to reusable protective covers. Our aim is to have the full collection suited and booted by 2024.

Upcycled vehicles

We have taken some old cars and re-developed them into Vintage Party Vehicles. Keeping their original features, whilst adding a sprinkle of Desert River DNA, we’re proud to have given a new life to these beauties.

bring it home

Supporting local businesses

Nothing better than to work with local SME’s and freelancers to support the local community.

Little things that make big difference

Stop the waste

Switching lights off when not needed is the very basic. Our policy is also to switch off truck engines when loading and unloading, reducing exhaust fumes and air pollution.

Energy saving

All our lamps are fitted with LED lights, which save energy, do not produce heat and last for at least 50.000 hours.

Slow fashion

Our teams are supplied with good quality uniforms to ensure they last the season and longer. The guys look pretty good too!

Meet Our Rescue Cat Shalom
love animals
Meet our rescue cat

We support our local animal groups with donations and shelter. At the Soi Dog Rescue in Thailand we have adopted the gorgeous street dog Levin. Stop by our warehouse to meet our own rescue cat Shalom!

Also, we are proud sponsors of K9 Friends - keeping the dogs cool by sponsoring the installation and maintenance of their AC system.

Click here to See our appreciation certificate from K9 Friends

formal statement
Sustainability policy

We also have a very formal and detailed document (for serious people) outlining our commitment to working according to the best sustainability practices.