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Rental Tables and Chairs

Hire High-Quality Tables and Chairs for Your Event

Every gathering requires tables and chairs to accommodate guests comfortably. Desert River is ready to deliver a wide range of high-quality rental tables and chairs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. To suit the needs of any event, we present a versatile collection that allows you to mix and match party tables and chairs for rent. Choose from sleek, industrial, nordic, and stunning rental tables and chairs that will elevate your event and delight your guests.

      Modern Tables for The Most Special Occasions

      Whether you’re celebrating with family or friends or hosting a corporate gathering, Desert River has modern tables that cater to big and small events. We have tables that can comfortably accommodate 4 up to 8 people, and adaptable and modular designs for unique event setups with effortless arrangements.

      The Titan dining Table is an option that is easy to style and matches the Spectre dining chair for a streamlined look or the Loft gunmetal armchair for an interesting contrast. We also have round tables like the Soho farmhouse table, which you can complete with the Soho farmhouse dining chair to achieve a cohesive rustic theme. You also have the option to use a tablecloth and rent the Boo dining chair for a classic and elegant display.

      Comfy Chairs for Cosy Conversations

      Chairs, especially those intended for people to sit on for long periods of time, absolutely need to be comfortable. Chairs must not only suit the event aesthetics but also encourage individuals to sit still and fully engage with the programme or conversation. At Desert River, we offer comfy chairs to minimise distractions as guests find a cosy sitting position that allows them to focus and take part in discussions.

      Upholstered chairs like the Stoff armchair and the Jaguar dining chair both flaunt sleek black metal frames and luxe fabrics that are pleasant to the touch. We also have the Frederik dining chair for those who prefer a sturdy wooden build with a woven seat. True to our promise of versatility, all options would look great rented together with the Stockholm dining table. Visit our showroom in Dubai for a closer look in person and to view other possible furniture coordinations.

      Lit Furniture to Spark Lasting Impressions

      Make your event the talk of Dubai by sparking lasting impressions with Desert River’s Lit & LED furniture for rent. Lighting can make or break your event. You need proper lighting to project a mood and facilitate the programme flow of the event. Perfect day-to-night indoor and outdoor events. Give your guests something to rave about as they witness their dining tables and other unexpected accent furniture to light up.

      We have you covered with a collection of illuminated tables like the Moree Bistro Table, as well as buffet tables, platforms or side tables, high tables and bars. We also have the perfect floor lighting to add to your event’s wow factor.

      NEED HELP?
      Let Us Assist You!

      At Desert River Event Rentals, we cater to unique event requirements by providing lighting, decorations, and other furniture for rent. If you need help choosing from our furniture rentals, please reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to assist, or better yet come see our showroom in Dubai.

      Desert River’s supportive team can assist you in choosing high-quality rental tables and chairs for your indoor and outdoor events. We’ll even arrange to visit your event space to recommend the most suitable furniture combinations for your theme and layout.